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Welcome to Bowen Glasgow

Bowen is a hands on and gentle physical therapy, carried out on particular muscles or tendons depending on the presenting problem.

The Bowen technique can be applied to many conditions including:

Frozen shoulder
back or Neck problem,
carpal tunnel

These are some comments from people who have been treated at Bowen Glasgow

"I wouldn't have believed that such a simple process could relieve the pain in my arms, thank you."

"It was very comfortable and relaxing"

"..felt a lengthening and strengthening of my spine.."

"what a relief from pain in (my) jaw and ears. Found it a good space to tune into myself and relax"

Bowen Glasgow provides Bowen Therapy (also called the Bowen Technique) in the Glasgow area. You can contact Bowen Glasgow for further information or to arrange a session by clicking on the contact button below.



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